18 mins  video  color  1999

FEATURING  Judy Chen, Karen Chui, Samantha Chiu, Claire Flecher, Joann Lam, Pheobe Man, Sandy Wong, Gabriele Wong-Parodi, Lia West, Nicole Yeung
CO-EDITOR  McCrae Parker
SOUND  Gibbs Chapman
PRODUCER  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

“I think it is important when you create art, you find it happy and you find it interesting to make. And sometimes when you enjoy making this, something inside will come out, like your character, your emotion,” explains Phoebe Man, Hong Kong installation artist featured in SFMOMA’s exhibition INSIDE/OUT: NEW CHINESE ART. This video follows Man for 3 months as she and a group of urban teenagers share ideas on life, art and the creative process. Through art-making, Man and these young women reveal an inner life rich with reverie, while wrestling with societal expectations and pressures.




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