An elegy to our small selves

10 mins  S-8mm/16mm/video  color  2002
Producer/Director/Camera/Editor  Anita Chang

As a moving image component of a multimedia performance, this work links the disappearing worlds of animal and human. Interfacing the “disappearing” technologies of Super-8mm and 16mm image projection, with the immediacy and reality of video, “captivated” images of animals and humans in raw form are juxtaposed and documented in a way that speaks to an identity crisis of the human race and ultimately to the fragility of beauty, nature and humanity.


Artist Statement
In response to the events of 9-11, I sought to create a space of heightened sensory perception for the audience, especially as it related to the various moving image technologies (i.e., the sounds, smell, rhythm, heat, dust). As I roamed in the dark with a small flashlight from equipment to equipment, projecting alternating images of animal and human coporeality, onlookers collectively witness perhaps what connects and distinguishes themselves from other living beings.

UnionDocs Brooklyn / San Francisco Int’l Asian American Film Festiva / U. Wisconsin Madison Cinematheque / Taipei Artist Village / Film Arts Festival of Independent Cinema / Yerba Buena Center for the Arts / SF Cinematheque / Marseilles Images Contre Nature Festival International de Video Expérimentale / Los Angeles Asian / Headlands Center for the Arts.

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