SEALIVES Workshop @ UC Berkeley

Enjoyed a full day workshop with faculty and grant participants of the Southeast Asian Lives and Histories Project (SEALIVES). In the “Working with Multimedia” workshop I discussed personal documentary, collaborative, experimental ethnographic approaches, and online digital humanities and critical archival work, using examples from my film productions, including the Root Tongue web application.

(Photos by Tosh Tanaka)

The second annual UC Berkeley CSEAS Southeast Asian Lives and Histories small grants program will be forthcoming. Applicants must be enrolled at or affiliated with UCB, other UCs, CSUs, or institutions located in Southeast Asia. For more information contact

Foregrounding the lives of Southeast Asians across multiple sites and through the lenses of diverse disciplines is a valuable end unto itself, and will also generate new research, methods, and collections on Southeast Asia and the diaspora. Life history/biographical interviews undertaken by grantees will give voice to the lives of both prominent and ordinary Southeast Asians in their homelands, as well as feature often under-the-radar diaspora community members in the US. For example, such interviews could capture the voices and memories of often-silent elders in California diaspora communities or within Southeast Asia, whose lives are linked to post-independence neo/colonial politics in the US, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, and to historical Cold War strategies and relationships. Looking at the expression and experiences of these changing times and places through people’s life stories demonstrates, in moving and insightful ways, the events, contexts, and global forces that have led to regional and global movements and diasporas as well as to the transformations of places and identities. (