Opening Reception ~ Manifest Differently @ Artists’ Television Access

Celebrated the exhibition Thinking and Feeling with the Marshall Islands with friends and community!

Grateful to those who made it to the reception, despite a weekday event during Bay Area rush hour!

Manifest Differently Co-director Megan Wilson gives a moving introduction to the seeds of the Bay Area multi-year and multi-generational Manifest Differently Project. She shared how the Manifest Destiny ideology shaped her experiences growing up in Montana. The evening discussion was further confirmation on how little Americans know about the U.S. nuclear testings in the Marshall Islands from 1946-1958 (equivalent to detonating 1.6 Hiroshima bombs everyday for 12 years), and its ongoing effects today.

Dr. Kyoko Sato, Associate Director of Science, Technology, & Society at Stanford University gives audiences some history of the relationship between the U.S. and the Marshall Islands that led to the Marshall Islands as a nuclear weapons testing site for the U.S.

My Cal State East Bay students Cindy Kim and Nang Hlaing discuss the communication strategies in their creative works to bring more awareness to the nuclear testing legacy in the Marshall Islands.

(Photos by Tosh Tanaka)

Fellow Manifest Differently artist Adrian Arias’ murals embellished the evening with their powerful imagery.

An honor for me to showcase my Ecomedia students’ creative works that are all at once fierce, touching and inspiring. Thank you to Ariel Zaccheo & Fara Akrami at ATA, Amy Berk, Katayoun Bahrami, and Megan Wilson for the lovely reception. And special thanks to Hilda Heine, Evelyn Joseph, Thomas Kijiner, Jr., Marie Maddison, Amenta Matthews, Ariana Tibon and Yone Wase from the Marshall Islands; and the community support of David Goldberg, Trisha Lagaso Goldberg, Carolina Quintanilla at SOMArts, Tanvi Shah, Tosh Tanaka, Veronica Torres, and to my students.