’62 Years and 6500 Miles Between’ screens at Women Make Waves Int’l Film Festival – Inventing the Time

Honored to be invited as part of the retrospective program for the festival. And elated that my auntie, who is featured in the film, was able to attend the screening and speak with the audience.

The three works shown together allowed us to reflect on how the works connect to today’s social, cultural and political climate, and how the technology of that time influenced the creative process and the aesthetics of the works. I loved being able to talk about 16mm filmmaking with Rosie Wu, my colleague when I was teaching at the National Taiwan University of Arts.

(Photos by Tosh Tanaka)

My auntie explained to audiences the reason she wanted to share her mother’s story is to let Taiwanese people know that “We Taiwanese, are smart and have the ability to determine our own future. So do not be afraid.”

Post-screening discussion with the new generation of screenwriters. Auntie tells them how they can get a copy of the book, 阿媽的故事 Grandmother’s Story.