Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Women Make Waves International Film Festival!

The 30th anniversary celebration of Women Make Waves Int’l Film Festival 台灣國際女性影展 kicked off today with a press conference. Past curators of the WMWIFF stand together to reminisce on how far they have come since the festival’s founding in 1993. They shared how each year was never easy, and financially a struggle. I realized that the festival had screened most of my works over the years and have been a space where filmmakers like myself can feel supported and grow confident in one’s movie pursuits.

On their table of past catalogues, I found my films! All these memories of the festival at that time started flooding forth.

I was seriously star-strucked by the actress Yang Kuei-mei 楊貴媚! I’ve seen her in every Tsai Ming-liang film. She emanates such charm!

Co-curator Huei-Yin Chen introduces the festival programs.

Co-curator Ruby I-Hsuan Hsieh introduces the Masterclass Workshops offered during the festival.

Enjoying an evening with the next generation of WMWIFF organizers, directors and curators!