‘Tongues of Heaven’ screens at the Amis Music Festival in Dulan, Taiwan

Native Spirit Taiwan Film Festival 2023 screens Tongues of Heaven on October 8th at the Amis Music Festival on the coastal bluff of Dulan Village. It was the second time that Tongues of Heaven screened outdoors. The first time was in Hualien’s Railroad Memory House in 2014. The location of Taitung county, home to the largest proportion of Indigenous peoples in Taiwan, and the smell, sounds and feel of the ocean were all befitting for the film’s themes set in Taiwan and Hawai’i.

My colleague and friend Amy and I watch the co-directing work of our former students in the film. This was also our first time at the Amis Music festival and lo and behold, we bumped into our former students!

Linguist Amy P. Lee tells the audience that learning a language opens your life to another world.

L to R: Daniel Davies, Amy P. Lee, Manie Dremdreman Curimudjuq (co-curator), Anita Chang, Ljius Kulivu, Daniel Moore (co-curator)

(Photos by Tosh Tanaka)