Teatime Work-in-Progress Screening

It was a time to celebrate the dedication of student research assistants who worked with me on Her Excellency over the past three years: Jazmin Marquez, Ailing Cheng, Cindy Kim and Alexis Peck. I feel so lucky to have had such a brilliant and creative team of researchers!

Along with the audiences in-person and those zooming in, Political Science Professors Dr. Maria Ortuoste and Dr. Amy Below provided critical knowledge and feedback.

Dr. Ortuoste included this eye-opening infographic in her talk.

I am also with deep gratitude to the University Research Scholarship and Creative Activity Grant Program, and my Department for their ongoing support, and to Jennifer Cueva, Mohammed Salman, and Tosh Tanaka for their excellent technical support to help make this hybrid event happen. Finally, a big thank you to my spiritual mother Constance, as I would not be making films if it were not for your early encouragement and embrace.