Opening the Native Spirit Taiwan Film Festival

Opening Film Tongues of Heaven (USA/Taiwan, 2013, 60 minutes)
Four young girls, two from local villages of Taiwan and two from Hawai’i, share and learn from each other. As members of the younger generation confronting the precarious survival of their languages, what should they do and how? The world is enormous, with many ethnic groups all with their own languages. We might not feel anything if one of the languages vanishes, yet what they may possibly lose is their very culture or soul.

Words from the social media editor: “Knowing the urgency and importance of saving an extinct language, yet I can’t find the motive; thus, I am lost on the path towards preserving the language.” This sentence, said by one of the young girls in the movie, strikes me the most. All I know is that to learn my mother tongue is very hard, but with it I can build the bridge to my elders in order to better learn the old stories. How about you? When your mother tongue loses its last breath, what would you lose? Maybe you will have a new perspective on it.

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Date & Time: 9th December 18:30
Location: National Cheng Kung University Future Venue 3F (NCKU Future Venue, Dasyue Rd, East District, Tainan City, 701)

L to R: Djupelang Rupeljengan (host), Anita Chang, Ljius Kulivu (translator)