An Evening of Poetry and Politics

How can poetry and politics contribute to the achievement of climate and nuclear justice for the Marshall Islands? What steps can we take to mobilize allied support for the Marshallese people and for ourselves in the face of rising tide levels?

“An Evening of Poetry and Politics – The Marshall Islands and Her Excellency Hilda Heine”, was a virtual showcase hosted by the Department of Communication at Cal State East Bay featuring creative works by students in my Ecomedia class, produced in solidarity with the climate and nuclear justice movements of the Marshall Islands. These works ranged from poetry, video and memes. We were also honored to have Ariana Tibon of the RMI National Nuclear Commission and Political Science Professor Maria Ortuoste joining us as discussants.

Much gratitude to those who made this event a success: Dr. Hilda Heine, Thomas Jetnil Kijner, Amenta Matthews, Marie Maddison, Yone Wase, Evelyn Joseph, Dr. Alan Christy, Anne Wing, Dr. Mary Cardaras, Dr. Katherine Bell, LD Larkins, Kacie Charles, Ariana Tibon, Dr. Maria Ortuoste, Brooklyn Aguilar, Alexandria Sepulveda, Adriana Fimbres, Lyanne Nisperos, Nang Hlaing, Tj Luke, Gladys Gonzalez, Francisco Cortez Mendoza, David Oronos, and the fantastic trio Tosh Tanaka, Alexis Peck and Cindy Kim.