Book Talks + Review 2022

Enjoyed connecting with students and faculty on how my book Third Digital Documentary can help their research and creative practices.

Third Digital Documentary Book Talk,” Anticolonial Film Practices course, Department of Film and Video, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY (Apr. 25)

“In Theory and in Practice: A Book Talk with Anita Chang on Third Digital Documentary,” ADM Research Lecture Series Online, School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (Apr. 6)

“Theory and Practice of Film and Web Production,” Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, School of Visual and Performing Arts, Brooklyn College CUNY, NY (Feb. 14)

“What a perfect conversation for our students. It was a treat to hear more about your work, in its many formats and chapters, including break down and fixes. We couldn’t have timed a better visitor, for this group or students, or at a better time.” -Dr. Alexandra Juhasz

Book Review – “Anita Chang and The Third Digital Documentary,” Hilda Hui-na Lin, Pacific Times (Jan. 3)