Screenings in Thailand

My 2005 film 62 Year and 6,500 Miles Between is showing in Thailand as part of the Shorts 2 Program December 16-31.

Synopsis: Amidst the political upheavals of a nation and the world, the filmmaker navigates cultural, geographical and linguistic distances in search of wisdom and hope from her 100 year-old Taiwanese activist grandmother.

Catch their amazing line-up in-person and/or online!

Forever grateful to the many talented collaborators: producer Sylvia Feng | music coordinator Rainey Chen | musicians Wan Ting Huang, Yi-Jin Huang | sound producer Gibbs Chapman, Maxx Tsai | performers Jia-Li Chen, Yin-Ju Chen | production assistants Justine Lo, Howard Chen | Public Television Service Taiwan, Taipei Artist Village, Kodak Taiwan, Film Arts Foundation’s Gail Silva