“100 Eggs” Digitally Restored by Prelinger Archives

Near the end of the film, May cracks an egg at the corner of Hoff Street in San Francisco’s Mission district, near where the remnants of her family’s fortune cookie factory lie. Still from One Hundred Eggs a Minute.

One Hundred Eggs a Minute streamed Dec. 14-17 as part of the Curated Programs From The SF State Student Film Archives. This digitally restored version is courtesy of the Prelinger Archives and Angeline Gragasin of Happy Family Night Market.

Forever grateful to May Woo, the late Jeff Adachi, David Chu, SFSU Cinema Dept., fellow filmmaker crew Jorge Oliver, Christa Collins, Susan Brunig, Monica Nolan, Christopher Scheer, MFA cohorts Cathy Crane, Lisa McElroy, Ray Rea, Kara Herold, Greta Snider, Lisett O’Neill, Rudolfo Meyer and friends Lori Pino, Lincoln Lee, Scott Tsuchitani, Kevin Chan, Sam Miller, Pablo Carvallo, Voltar Mara-Drita for making this first film come to life.