Book Talks 2021

Highlights from talks given to share my new book Third Digital Documentary: A Theory and Practice of Transmedia Arts Activism, Critical Design and Ethics.

“Documentary Collaboration and Feminist Approaches in Tongues of Heaven,” Syracuse University, NY (Nov. 18)

“Anita Chang’s book is as dense with thoughts and arguments as a black hole is with mass.” – B. Crow, Jr.

“The divide that Apartheid caused really split us up-they knew what they were doing. When a person loses their language you are also allowing people the opportunity to commercialize your culture for tourists that come. It is up us to make sure that this does not happen.” – L.  Matseke

“Tongues of Heaven”, has shown a true reality to our world today and the effect of America culture on the world and our identities as we live in this country trying to understand what has been lost from us.” – M. Washington

“Languages as the boat that carries our legacy is way more important than we have imagined. Sadly, the Chinese government had done a terrible job at promoting cultures. So many of our generation, ironically, speak English better than our home tongue (not Mandarin, but our real home tongue).” – Z. Fan

“Media Activism and Co-creation: Third Digital Documentary,” University of California, Berkeley, CA (Nov. 2)

“MagicEarthMotherTongue,” Language and Biocultural Diversity Symposium, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA (Oct. 28)

“Anita, it was amazing to see how your project has grown in these years thank you for such important work.” – A. Escott

“Third Digital Documentary Talk and Workshop,” Department of Anthropology, University of California, San Diego (Oct. 15)

“The students were very excited and clearly enjoyed learning about your project.” – R. Yeh

“My first experience with your website was a sense of “finding myself” – not that I figured out what language I’m supposed to speak and why, but instead, finding a community of people from diverse backgrounds who shared my experience! What a relief! What a rush! I cannot thank you enough! – C. Rojas-Moreno

“Third Digital Documentary and Digital Democracy,” Cal State East Bay, Hayward, CA (Sept. 8)

“In Theory and in Practice: Book Talk with Artist Scholar Anita Chang,” Department of Media Study, State University of New York, Buffalo, NY (Apr. 27)

“Thank you SO much for an incredible talk! It was absolutely stunning and inspiring and appreciate your teaching, advise, and inspiration for the students and everyone who attended.” – M. Rhee