Verge wins award for best new journal in the humanities

I was thrilled to find out recently that Verge: Global Asias had won the 2020 PROSE Award for Best New Journal in Humanities and am honored to be included in the 2019 award-winning writings. Visit University of Minnesota Press to learn more about Verge.

Issue contents

Table of Contents, Volume 5 – Issue 2

Editor’s Intro Forgetting Remembering ‖ Remembering Forgetting by Tina Chen, Josephine Nock-Hee Park, and We Jung Yi


Operations of Forgetting by Sunny Xiang, Jessica Nakamura, Xiaojue Wang, We Jung Yi, and Victor Bascara


A Collaborative Review of Trinh Minh-ha’s Forgetting Vietnam by Trung Phan Quoc Nguyen, Anita Wen-Shin Chang, Việt Lê, and Lan Duong


Resisting the Spell of Oblivion: A Conversation with Taeho Yoon by We Jung Yi

Field Trip

Against Witness: Anti-Commemorative Asian/American Poetics by Timothy Yu, Jane Wong, Michael Leong, Michelle N. Huang, and Steven Yao


Cold War Erasures and the Asian American Immigrant Family in Ha Jin’s War Trash by A.J. Yumi Lee

Unremembering and Re-membering the Philippine-American War Through the Composite Bodies of Reenactment by Rowena Santos Aquino

Try to Remember: The Kim Sisters and Other Traces of a Forgotten War on Early U.S. Television by Danielle Seid