Interview with Abe Ferrer

At the Association for Asian American Studies Annual Conference held in San Francisco, fierce and furious Abe Ferrer from Visual Communication conducted a 30-minute interview with me (here) on filmmaking, experimental non-fiction practice, democratizing the filmmaking process, pedagogy and the transmission of culture, Asian American cinema as a vital movement, and my new movie on female leaders.

And, so honored to join the panel, “Reinforcing and Reimagining Fierce Alliances: A Conversation between Asian American Filmmakers and Educators” with fellow makers and educators:
Curtis Chin, Independent Filmmaker
Peter Feng, University of Delaware

Grace Lee, Independent Filmmaker

Robin Lung, Independent Filmmaker

Tad Nakamura, Independent Filmmaker

Eve Oishi, Claremont Graduate University
Valerie Soe, San Francisco State University